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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Review.

In a word: Muddled.

I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man. Whilst the original Sam Raimi trilogy demonstrated that the hero was a natural fit for the big screen, Amazing kickstarted a more modern take on the universe, one that has the potential to build a long-lasting universe for the character. The sequel is out now, and whilst the number of plot-lines may be slightly excessive, they all combine to create a solid package.

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#LittleInfinities - We need to talk.

I’ve been reviewing movies on the radio for over five years now, and obviously there have been certain films which have revived more airtime than others. The Fault in our Stars will surely be one of the biggest.

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10 Things About… is my new reviews feature for SNYA Radio.

This week, I’ve been playing the Titanfall Beta. These are my thoughts.

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WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE: GAMING IN 2014 (December 2013)

As we enter 2014, there are five main games consoles competing for your cash. Which should you buy? Lets discuss.

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This is a write up of my second radio interview with Alex Day